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Many accidents can be prevented if we are informed about practical safety measures and preparedness. Please download and read the information below.

We also offer training courses. See our Classes & Events page to see what’s happening soon, as well as general information.

First Aid

This Basic First Ad Guide for Your Home covers the essentials of dealing with bleeding, sprains and strains, dislocations and fractures, neck and back injuries, shock, burns, poisoning, severe allergic reactions, bites and stings, heart attack, stoke, cold injuries, and heat injuries.

Emergency Contacts

Since so many of us carry cell phones, it’s easy and free to benefit from this emergency measure. Simply program your contact’s phone number under the name ICE, which stands for “In Case of Emergency.” This way, if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, emergency workers can quickly scroll through your cell phone contacts to locate your emergency contact. Read more about ICE (In Case of Emergency) for your cell phone.

Bike (and Other Wheeled Sports) Safety

Learn how to keep you and your children safe while bicycling, skateboarding, and riding scooters with the following guides:

Car Seat Safety

Car seats are essential for infants and children to ride safely in any motor vehicle. Read more about seating guidelines in Protecting Children in Motor Vehicles and educate and entertain your child about the importance of their car seat with Car Seat Kitty.

Health Care Proxy

Find out more information on developing your own Health Care Proxy.