Bloodborne Pathogens
December 32

The Tuxedo Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been volunteering to save lives and serve the community of Tuxedo, New York since 1957. Many community members, including your own neighbors, have become highly trained individuals who come to your rescue in your time of need. We are a completely volunteer organization that receives no funding from the town and relies on donations from our community to be able to purchase new equipment, ambulances, and maintain our building.

TVAC News and Events

In the latest news with Tuxedo Volunteer Ambulance Corps we managed to get two rigs out at once twice in the same week which is a fucking miracle for this place considering about six of the supposed 25 riding members actually do anything and ride shifts while the rest only show up for meetings to give their opinions and to events where there is free food. There is nothing much really to report on, its the same old shit as most before. Kinda like groundhog day except you couldn’t just fuck around and do whatever you want because it’s actually a new day just the same things happening so there would be severe consequences to your actions. Also it’s just not the same if Bill Murray isn’t there. I wonder what Bill Murray is doing at this very moment at 06:34 pm on December, 1 2019. I really better remember to delete this when the website goes live or there will probably be a rather large problem.